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Do you want to create your dream office ?

They are passionate about what they do, changing people’s lives through design. dblo associates work on residential architects London and the surrounding areas including architects Kensington, providing detailed and innovative solutions.

They have a team of dedicated associates who share the same vision and focus on design to ensure the clients specifications are met over and beyond the client’s expectations.

dblo associates work covers architecture, interior design and development. working as a studio, allows us the flexibility to expand and contract to suit workloads and to draw on the wider expertise of our associate studios across London. They work within the client’s budget however ensuring they do not jeopardise their quality of their work.


Get on the cloud today….

Knowall IT will assist your company to convert to Cloud Computing effortlessly so you will never look back. They offer leading Cloud Computing London which is affordable, scalable with built in redundancy; and are here to support your journey to the cloud.

The Benefits of Cloud are well discussed: High availability, high level of flexibility, greater agility, greater resilience, easily scalable, cost efficient and they require minimal IT management resource – bringing consistent enterprise-class capability to small and medium sized businesses.

What is Cloud Computing?  The Knowall Cloud Computing support is a solution that delivers email and data directly to your PC desktop or web browser while still using local applications. As leading London Cloud Providers Knowall IT have the latest innovative technology. 

How is this possible? Knowall IT has their own server which houses clients email, data and applications on their high availability cloud platform. This server is co-located in a 3 tier data centre outside of London.

Benefits of Cloud Computing?

There are many benefits to your organisation or company by converting to Cloud Computing. It is an affordable solution reducing costs in your organisation and delivers better customer service. Your business will run more efficiently concentrating on the core business functions.

With Platform as a Service, Software as a Service, Infrastructure as a Service Knowall IT has solutions for everyone.

Knowall IT the leaders in IT Solutions click here for more information on VDC providers London and Virtual Data Centre London



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Shopping is simple and convenient with the Travelling Souk, you can shop for unusual gifts all under one roof, saving you time and expense of shopping on the high street, whether it’s a baby shower gift, wedding gift, birthday gifts they have hundreds of unique gifts to choose from.

When you purchase anything from the Travelling Souk you can be sure of the excellent quality and workmanship you will receive, The Travelling Souk selects their sellers scrupulously and only those that adhere to their high work and business ethics will be accepted.

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Do you want to extend your home and add value?

Do you want some changes made to your home? Have you been saving for years for a home extension and now is the time to make your dreams a reality. South London Refurbishments are a reliable, professional team of people who quietly get the job done over and above the client’s expectations.

There highly trained staff work seamlessly together and neatly ensuring your living arrangements are not disturbed unnecessarily.Builders in Wimbledon and Builders in Chelsea offers reliable building, maintenance and refurbishment services in and around London - Builders in Fulham.

They can build a house extension, loft conversion, update or renovate your house or only bathroom, kitchen, living space in and around London and surrounding area


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Renting a friend doesn’t have to be something to fear with Dukes of Daisy rent a friend service, their professional approach makes you feel at ease within no time at all. Rent a friend UK is a fast and easy solution to finding a date at the last minute. Before you cancel that special occasion because you don’t have a date, contact Dukes of Daisy and before you know it you will be going out with the perfect date.

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Find out how IBS can help in your industry

Book your Vacuum loader in for a FREE health check with Industrial Blower Services and be rest assured your vacuum loader is good to go for another lengthy period of time. Click here for a no obligation, no hidden costs from IBS who now stock and supply Industrial Blowers USA

Keep your equipment in tip top condition for peace of mind.

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Locations de vacances Londres est sûr et abordable

écuries royales

Le nom « écuries » sont venus sur la Croix carbonisation au sud de Trafalgar Square dans le courant du 13ème siècle . Mews dénote stable , maison de transport , et les temps récents garage . Les écuries de la famille royale a été dans deux sites à Londres , la première étant à la Croix- carbonisation et, depuis 1820, au Palais de Buckingham . Les Royals premières écuries ont été appelés Mews du Roi , le Royal Stables ou les écuries de la reine , si une femme était sur le trône .

Le courant écuries royales au Palais de Buckingham où le roi George III propose quelques-uns des chevaux et des voitures pour l'utilisation de sa femme , finalement quand son fils , George IV a Buckingham Palace comme la résidence officielle royale , l'ensemble écuries a été déplacé au palais de Buckingham et la Croix- carbonisation a été détruit et Trafalgar Square a été construit sur ​​elle . Les écuries royales de Buckingham Palace est ouvert au public et on peut voir les entraîneurs de l'Etat , d'autres voitures , 30 chevaux et d'autres homologues . Les chauffeurs , cochers et autres membres du personnel sont logés au-dessus des écuries dans les quartiers construits spécialement pour eux . John Nash est encore une fois le célèbre architecte qui a conçu et construit les écuries royales comme il l'a fait construire de nombreux autres sites royaux anciens en Grande-Bretagne .

Locations vacances londres recommande de visiter le Palais de Buckingham tout en visitant les écuries royales. Les chambres de l'Etat dans le palais sont ouverts au public . Les véhicules dans les soins des écuries royales sont des véhicules de , divertissement personnel et pour les occasions officielles . Certains véhicules sont utilisés quotidiennement comme le Broughams alors que l'entraîneur d'or est utilisé pour des occasions rares de l'Etat . Les véhicules aux écuries sont l'entraîneur Or , entraîneur Etat irlandais , écossais État entraîneur , entraîneur australien État , État entraîneur de la reine Alexandra , entraîneur de verre , Ville entraîneur du roi Edouard VII et plusieurs voitures Landau .

Le Royal Mews est une attraction de Londres qui détient l'histoire royale britannique importante . D'autres sites similaires recommandées par Appartements à louer à proximité de London Eye sont le Palais de Buckingham , Marble Arch , la reine Victoria Memorial , la Tour de Londres . D'autres recommandations peuvent être donnés par la location de vacances à londres via e-mail ou par téléphone .

Vivre comme un Londonien lorsque vous voyagez et livre une des Appartements à louer à proximité de l'hébergement Tower Bridge à Londres quand vous cherchez à louer unLocations vacances londres. Payer la fraction du prix d'une chambre d'hôtel pour avoir plus de confort que celui de votre studio de vacances à Londres. Locations de vacances Londres studio de vacances est situé dans un quartier calme, sûr et à la mode de Londres . Voyage est facile que les complexes sont situés près de cinq lignes de métro et plusieurs lignes de bus

locations vacances londres centre hébergement indépendant ont été classé comme l'un des meilleurs studios de Londres vacances à louer pour les affaires , les loisirs ou Voyage à court terme .


RUMM for innovative energy saving solutions

RUMM Energy Management Services are delighted to have secured an energy management contract with Mettis Aerospace who are based in Redditch, West Midlands. The Energy management solutions UK deal which was signed in January represents a considerable achievement against some stiff competition.  Key to securing the work was the complete energy management solution that RUMM can offer together with the resource of its energy management services for the customer to help deliver savings on site.  The full energy management solution includes:

•             An extensive sub-metering installation of gas, electricity, compressed air, water and effluent

•             An Automatic Monitoring and Targeting system (aM&T) utilising RUMM’s own energy savings technology of Pulse and energy management saving software IBASS

•             Advanced data analysis to identify areas for savings

•             A strong site presence to deliver the improvements in the areas highlighted

•             Utilising the Low Carbon Behaviour research that RUMM has sponsored to communicate energy saving performance and provide feedback to all

Mettis Aerospace is a leading global manufacturer of precision-forged and machined components in titanium, aluminium and special steels. It is a highly successful and expanding business which, by its nature, is very energy intensive.

Partnering with Mettis Aerospace is an endorsement of the energy savings achievements that RUMM Energy management solutions Wales has already demonstrated in the manufacturing sector.  Mettis  Aerospace represents another huge opportunity for RUMM to apply its own energy saving technology in the aerospace sector in support of its energy management services and achieve significant savings for a significant new customer.

Click here to find out more of what RUMM has to offer Energy management solutions USA


Upmarket luxurious holiday accommodation in London

Royal Mews

The name ‘mews’ came about at the Charring Cross at the south of Trafalgar Square sometime in the 13th century. Mews denotes stable, carriage house, and the recent times garage. The mews of the Royal family has been in two sites in London, the initial one being at the Charring Cross and since 1820s at the Buckingham Palace. The first Royals mews have been referred to as the King’s Mews, the Royal Stables or the Queen’s mews if a woman was on the throne.

The current Royal Mews is at the Buckingham Palace where King George III moved some of the horses and carriages for his wife’s use, eventually when his son, George IV made Buckingham Palace as the Royal official residence, the entire mews was moved to Buckingham Palace and the Charring Cross was destroyed and Trafalgar Square was built on it. The Royal Mews at the Buckingham Palace is open to public and one can view state coaches, other carriages, 30 horses and other counterparts. The chauffeurs, coachmen and other staff are accommodated above the stables in the quarters especially built for them. John Nash is yet again the famous architect who designed and built the Royal mews just as he did build many other ancient Royal sites in Britain.

Holiday lets London recommends visiting the Buckingham Palace while visiting the Royal mews. The state rooms in the palace are open to the public. The vehicles in the care of the Royal mews are vehicles of personal, recreational use and for state occasions. Some vehicles are used daily such as the Broughams where as the Gold Coach is used for rare state occasions. The vehicles at the mews are the Gold Coach, Irish State Coach, Scottish State Coach, Australian State Coach, Queen Alexandra’s State Coach, Glass Coach, King Edward VII’s Town Coach and several Landau carriages.

The Royal mews is a London attraction that holds significant British Royal history. Other similar sites recommended by Flats for rent near London Eye are the Buckingham Palace, Marble Arch, Queen Victoria Memorial, Tower of London. Further recommendations can be given by the Holiday Lets London via e mail or phone.

Live like a Londoner when you travel and book one of Flats for rent near Tower Bridge London accommodation when looking to rent a flat in London. Pay the fraction of the price of a hotel room to have more comforts than one in your London holiday studio. Holiday Lets London holiday studio is located in a quiet, safe and fashionable area of London. Travel is easy as the complexes are located close to five tube lines and several bus routes

Holiday Lets London self catering accommodation have been rated as one of the best London holiday studios to rent for business, leisure or short term travel.


Marquee Hire will make your dreams a reality

Having to organise an event can be very daunting especially if it’s for a corporate function. The planning can be quite overwhelming especially if you are organising the event on your own. I recently found a company who has a brilliant reputation and lots of excellent reviews and I decided to put them to the test.

We hired a corporate marquee hire in Surrey as our event was being held in Surrey. From start to finish Marquee Hire surpassed all our expectations even so far as assisting us not only with a fabulous marquee to match our theme but giving us lots of advice with planning the event.

   p1000657  p1000717

Marquee Hire is a company we will continue to use and defiantly refer our colleagues and clients to them with ease as we know how professional, helpful and affordable their corporate marquee hire in London is.

Don’t delay contact Marquee Hire for all your party planning, wedding planning and catering service they offer.