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Souqs of Marrakech

What is a Souk and Where Did it Originate?

A souq was originally an open-air marketplace. Historically, souqs were held outside cities at locations where incoming caravans stopped and merchants displayed their goods for sale. Souqs were formed whenever a caravan or caravans arrived. Since this might be infrequent, souqs often extended beyond buying and selling goods to include major festivals involving various cultural and social activities. Any Arab Souq may serve a social function as being a place for people to meet in, in addition to its commercial function.

Later, due to the importance of marketplaces and the growth of cities, the major locations of souqs shifted to urban centers.

In tribal areas, neutrality from tribal conflicts was usually declared for the period of operation of a souk to permit the unhampered exchange of surplus goods.

The spelling souk entered European languages probably through French during the French occupation of the Arab countries Morocco, Algeria, and Tunisia in the 19th and 20th centuries. Thus, the word "souk" most likely refers to Arabic/North African traditional markets. Other spellings of this word involving the letter "Q" (sooq, souq...) were likely developed using English and thus refer to Western Asian/Arab traditional markets, as British colonialism was present there during the 19th and 20th centuries. In Modern Standard Arabic the term al-sooq refers to markets in both the physical sense and the abstract economic sense (e.g., an Arabic-speaker would speak of the sooq in the old city as well as the sooq for oil, and would call the concept of the free market السوق الحرّ as-sūq al-ḥurr).

As in markets generally, prices are commonly set by bargaining between buyers and sellers.

The term is often used to designate the market in any Western Asian city, but may also be used in Western cities, particularly those with a Muslim community.


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Travel the World with Exciting Destinations

Top winter destinations in Europe

Christmas markets, Germany & Austria

December sees these romantic historic markets pop up all over Germany and other Central European nations. Expect cute stalls selling everything from gingerbread to sleigh bells and plenty of good cheer, toasted with a glass of warming glühwein.

Athens, Greece

It's a real downer trying to Photoshop 500 people out of your would-be-prizewinning Parthenon photo, but in winter it's not an issue. All summer stresses – crowding, tourist pricing, intense heat, queues, air pollution – more or less disappear. It's the best time to explore the country's ancient heritage and get to experience local culture.

Copenhagen, Denmark

For fairytale European winter, it's hard to beat the home of Hans Christian Andersen. Forget the over-hyped Little Mermaid and head to the city's cosy bars and cafes to watch snow flurrying outside. In the heart of town, the 19th-century Tivoli amusement park is a romantic, kitsch delight around Christmastime, with heartwarming illuminations and body-warming mugs of glögg.

Budapest, Hungary

Couples skating hand-in-hand, breath cloudy in the frosty air – there’s nowhere better for it than the Hungarian capital’s picturesque central park Városligeti Műjégpálya, with its enormous outdoor rink. Feeling chilly afterwards? Budapest is famous for its ornate thermal baths.

Venice, Italy

Hauntingly beautiful and rather weird, Venice's Carnevale in February is a European highlight. Elaborate costumes and spooky masks bring the canal city's colourful history to life. Costumed dances are pricey affairs, but you can have a ball enjoying the free events with a mask bought on the street, but be prepared for epic crowding.


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At affordable rates one can spend a little extra exploring the sites in and around London General Facilities

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Conveniently situated Bed and Breakfast Dunsfold

Some of the best getaways are right on your doorstep

I have to share a well deserving review on a fabulous weekend stay we had this past weekend at Bed and Breakfast Dunsfold; soon after arriving we very quickly made ourselves at home for a well-deserved break. Many places we have been to we read some of the reviews that many say it’s like ‘home away from home’ and we arrive to find it anything but as described, well the same can’t be said about this gorgeous peaceful, well positioned bed and breakfast West Sussex, So conveniently located that one can keep returning as often as you like. It’s far enough out of the city to feel like you are having a break and yet not a long tedious journey to getting there.

Situated on a farm about 1.5 miles from Hurst Hill Village centre, one can explore the beautiful surrounds of Dunsfold Park, walk along the banks of the river between Godalming and Guildford. Ride Bicycle’s through the woods and takes in the beauty of this un spoilt area.

Three spacious double bedrooms are offered with wireless internet access, great home cooking with optional dinner on request. Bring your bicycles and come explore our beautiful countryside.


Relax and unwind this weekend at Bed and Breakfast Dunsfold

Bed and Breakfast Surrey is nestled away on a peaceful farm set in the foothills in Surrey, West Sussex border. Your hosts will greet you with a warm welcome and show you to one of the large double bedrooms and you will soon feel at home.

Bed and Breakfast West Sussex has beautiful walks, bicycle trails and bird life, whilst set in the countryside it’s conveniently located near to some cosy pubs and shops.

Order a delicious home cooked evening meal to arrive ‘home’ to after a day of adventure in the countryside. After the meal you are welcome to sit by a roaring fire with a book or a drink before retiring for the night.


Enjoy some of London’s oldest sites

Wellington Arch

To the south of the famous London attraction site called Hyde Park is a triumphant arch called the Wellington Arch also known at the Constitution Arch or the Green Park Arch. Initially topped with an equestrian statue of the Duke of Wellington then replaced with the original idea of sculpture of ‘quadriga’, the arch was built between 1826 to 1830 to a design by Decimus Burton. To commemorate the victories of the Napoleon Wars the Wellington Arch along with the Marble was planned in 1825 by George VI. An interesting piece to your travel journal, Flats for rent near London Eye can recommend you an intriguing London sightseeing agenda for history rich stop over-s, therefore Holiday Lets London suggests you to visit Hyde Park, Hyde Park Corner, Hyde Park Corner tube station, the very famous movie scene Marble Arch and Flats for rent near Buckingham Palace.

Holiday Lets London will be one entertaining Flats for rent near British Museum that can provide you the best travel details tailoring to your travel cravings. Not like we at Holiday Lets London provide five star high specification Flats for rent near Tower Bridge London we are equipped to make your stay in London suculently full for the travel experience seeker.


The arch is hollow and housed a small police station inside until 1992. Once the ownership was transferred to English Heritage in 1999 the arch was open to public for viewing and has three floors of exhibits and details of the making of the arch along with its history and uses. Annually there is an average of three emergency calls to the London Fire Brigade stating there is a fire at the Wellington Arch as there is smoke seen - one half of the shaft functions as a ventilation shaft to the London Underground network. Any visitor can step up onto the both side terraces of the arch. In 1846 the Wellington Arch was crowned with a 40 ton equestrian statue ever made of Arthur Wellesley, who was the first Duke of Wellington, soldier and Prime Minister. The Wellington statue was done by Mathew Cotes Wyatt. The 40 ton equestrian statue of Arthur Wellesley received quite an amount of controversy and relocation was considered but was put off by order of the Queen as it would be insulting to the Duke hence the statue stood proud for the entire lifetime of the Duke. For a road widening scheme in 1882-3 the statue was moved to its present location in Hyde Park. Much of the arch’s intended external ornamentation was omitted as a lot of money was pumped into refurbishment of Buckingham Palace.

Holiday Lets London recommends you to visit the Wellington Arch while visiting the Green Park or the Apsley House, as the tour would take a minimum hour and is a cheap attraction. Many who have visited the Wellington Arch have a lot to say about the views from the terraces and the friendly staff.

London is an interesting tourist attraction and one can find entertainment regardless of how long the stay is. To accompany your exciting stay book a classy high specification self catering accommodation in the safest area of London at Holiday Lets London. The London holiday studio provided by Holiday Lets London will make your stay in London the most worthwhile.


Locations de vacances Londres est sûr et abordable

écuries royales

Le nom « écuries » sont venus sur la Croix carbonisation au sud de Trafalgar Square dans le courant du 13ème siècle . Mews dénote stable , maison de transport , et les temps récents garage . Les écuries de la famille royale a été dans deux sites à Londres , la première étant à la Croix- carbonisation et, depuis 1820, au Palais de Buckingham . Les Royals premières écuries ont été appelés Mews du Roi , le Royal Stables ou les écuries de la reine , si une femme était sur le trône .

Le courant écuries royales au Palais de Buckingham où le roi George III propose quelques-uns des chevaux et des voitures pour l'utilisation de sa femme , finalement quand son fils , George IV a Buckingham Palace comme la résidence officielle royale , l'ensemble écuries a été déplacé au palais de Buckingham et la Croix- carbonisation a été détruit et Trafalgar Square a été construit sur ​​elle . Les écuries royales de Buckingham Palace est ouvert au public et on peut voir les entraîneurs de l'Etat , d'autres voitures , 30 chevaux et d'autres homologues . Les chauffeurs , cochers et autres membres du personnel sont logés au-dessus des écuries dans les quartiers construits spécialement pour eux . John Nash est encore une fois le célèbre architecte qui a conçu et construit les écuries royales comme il l'a fait construire de nombreux autres sites royaux anciens en Grande-Bretagne .

Locations vacances londres recommande de visiter le Palais de Buckingham tout en visitant les écuries royales. Les chambres de l'Etat dans le palais sont ouverts au public . Les véhicules dans les soins des écuries royales sont des véhicules de , divertissement personnel et pour les occasions officielles . Certains véhicules sont utilisés quotidiennement comme le Broughams alors que l'entraîneur d'or est utilisé pour des occasions rares de l'Etat . Les véhicules aux écuries sont l'entraîneur Or , entraîneur Etat irlandais , écossais État entraîneur , entraîneur australien État , État entraîneur de la reine Alexandra , entraîneur de verre , Ville entraîneur du roi Edouard VII et plusieurs voitures Landau .

Le Royal Mews est une attraction de Londres qui détient l'histoire royale britannique importante . D'autres sites similaires recommandées par Appartements à louer à proximité de London Eye sont le Palais de Buckingham , Marble Arch , la reine Victoria Memorial , la Tour de Londres . D'autres recommandations peuvent être donnés par la location de vacances à londres via e-mail ou par téléphone .

Vivre comme un Londonien lorsque vous voyagez et livre une des Appartements à louer à proximité de l'hébergement Tower Bridge à Londres quand vous cherchez à louer unLocations vacances londres. Payer la fraction du prix d'une chambre d'hôtel pour avoir plus de confort que celui de votre studio de vacances à Londres. Locations de vacances Londres studio de vacances est situé dans un quartier calme, sûr et à la mode de Londres . Voyage est facile que les complexes sont situés près de cinq lignes de métro et plusieurs lignes de bus

locations vacances londres centre hébergement indépendant ont été classé comme l'un des meilleurs studios de Londres vacances à louer pour les affaires , les loisirs ou Voyage à court terme .


Upmarket luxurious holiday accommodation in London

Royal Mews

The name ‘mews’ came about at the Charring Cross at the south of Trafalgar Square sometime in the 13th century. Mews denotes stable, carriage house, and the recent times garage. The mews of the Royal family has been in two sites in London, the initial one being at the Charring Cross and since 1820s at the Buckingham Palace. The first Royals mews have been referred to as the King’s Mews, the Royal Stables or the Queen’s mews if a woman was on the throne.

The current Royal Mews is at the Buckingham Palace where King George III moved some of the horses and carriages for his wife’s use, eventually when his son, George IV made Buckingham Palace as the Royal official residence, the entire mews was moved to Buckingham Palace and the Charring Cross was destroyed and Trafalgar Square was built on it. The Royal Mews at the Buckingham Palace is open to public and one can view state coaches, other carriages, 30 horses and other counterparts. The chauffeurs, coachmen and other staff are accommodated above the stables in the quarters especially built for them. John Nash is yet again the famous architect who designed and built the Royal mews just as he did build many other ancient Royal sites in Britain.

Holiday lets London recommends visiting the Buckingham Palace while visiting the Royal mews. The state rooms in the palace are open to the public. The vehicles in the care of the Royal mews are vehicles of personal, recreational use and for state occasions. Some vehicles are used daily such as the Broughams where as the Gold Coach is used for rare state occasions. The vehicles at the mews are the Gold Coach, Irish State Coach, Scottish State Coach, Australian State Coach, Queen Alexandra’s State Coach, Glass Coach, King Edward VII’s Town Coach and several Landau carriages.

The Royal mews is a London attraction that holds significant British Royal history. Other similar sites recommended by Flats for rent near London Eye are the Buckingham Palace, Marble Arch, Queen Victoria Memorial, Tower of London. Further recommendations can be given by the Holiday Lets London via e mail or phone.

Live like a Londoner when you travel and book one of Flats for rent near Tower Bridge London accommodation when looking to rent a flat in London. Pay the fraction of the price of a hotel room to have more comforts than one in your London holiday studio. Holiday Lets London holiday studio is located in a quiet, safe and fashionable area of London. Travel is easy as the complexes are located close to five tube lines and several bus routes

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County Hall

County Hall also called as London County Hall is located in Lambeth, London. The London County Hall was the headquarters of London County Council and then later the Great London Council. If you visit the London County Hall today it is a business site with a lot of attractions such as the London Sea Life Aquarium.

As the London County Hall is located to the south bank of River Thames, Holiday lets London recommend visiting the Westminster Bridge and the Palace of Westminster which are architectural works of the famous British architect John Nash. Many of the London attraction sites are located close the Flats for rent near British Museum, hence cutting down on your time and money spent on travel. The Saatchi gallery was at the County Hall and is now home to the London Film Festival.

As the London Eye is next to the County Hall and Holiday Lets London recommend that while visiting the London County Hall that the London Eye to be visited as well. The London Eye is a giant ferry wheel that has large capsules that take passengers to great heights above ground and the view at the topmost is the most spectacular kind.

Many of the London attractions sites are closely located to the Flats for rent near Buckingham Palace allowing you to plan an organized attractions site visit. Amongst proximity other advantageous reasons to book with Holiday Lets London are that is has a safe online booking system with prompt customer inquiry replies and pin code for check in and check out.

The six story main building was designed by Ralph Knott and the building was opened in 1922 by King George V. the County Hall served as the headquarters for the local government for 64 years. Since the dissolution of GLC the building’s fourth and fifth floors remain empty.

The attractions found at the London County Hall are The London Sea Life Aquarium, The London Dungeon, The London Film Museum, The London Eye and the Visitor Centre, The Namco Station amusement arcade, Azam Retrospective and London’s Death Trap. Apart from the London Dungeon that opened n 2013 the building is home to two other Merlin Entertainments.

The O2 Arena is a similar complex to that of the County Hall but instead is the entertainment prime of London. Holiday Lets London suggest that both O2 Arena and the County Hall to be visited. For a proper mix and match of attraction sites visit What’s In On London in our Holiday Lets London website or email us with your inquiries.


Read what guests have to say about B & B Dunsfold

We were looking for an affordable relaxing weekend away and came across this treasure of a place called Bed and Breakfast Dunsfold after reading what other guests aid about theBed and Breakfast Surrey we decided to give it a try… have a look what has been said by satisfied guests

Treated like a friend more than a customer
My stay here was fantastic, for starters it was a gorgeous, very traditional old cottage inside and out, with a big fireplace which was very welcoming to come home to. Guy was a great…

- C tsiantar

A lovely, old, character cottage in the countryside, yet close enough to London and its airports.
We arrived late on a Friday evening for three nights over the August bank holiday. The host Guy a widower his son Freddy and the dog…

- Susan Gibson

Delicious dinner in cozy cottage
Don’t miss the dinner! Guy Charlesworth is an excellent cook

- J Chalupper

Click her for more information or to check availability Bed and Breakfast West Sussex