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Enjoy some of London’s oldest sites

Wellington Arch

To the south of the famous London attraction site called Hyde Park is a triumphant arch called the Wellington Arch also known at the Constitution Arch or the Green Park Arch. Initially topped with an equestrian statue of the Duke of Wellington then replaced with the original idea of sculpture of ‘quadriga’, the arch was built between 1826 to 1830 to a design by Decimus Burton. To commemorate the victories of the Napoleon Wars the Wellington Arch along with the Marble was planned in 1825 by George VI. An interesting piece to your travel journal, Flats for rent near London Eye can recommend you an intriguing London sightseeing agenda for history rich stop over-s, therefore Holiday Lets London suggests you to visit Hyde Park, Hyde Park Corner, Hyde Park Corner tube station, the very famous movie scene Marble Arch and Flats for rent near Buckingham Palace.

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The arch is hollow and housed a small police station inside until 1992. Once the ownership was transferred to English Heritage in 1999 the arch was open to public for viewing and has three floors of exhibits and details of the making of the arch along with its history and uses. Annually there is an average of three emergency calls to the London Fire Brigade stating there is a fire at the Wellington Arch as there is smoke seen - one half of the shaft functions as a ventilation shaft to the London Underground network. Any visitor can step up onto the both side terraces of the arch. In 1846 the Wellington Arch was crowned with a 40 ton equestrian statue ever made of Arthur Wellesley, who was the first Duke of Wellington, soldier and Prime Minister. The Wellington statue was done by Mathew Cotes Wyatt. The 40 ton equestrian statue of Arthur Wellesley received quite an amount of controversy and relocation was considered but was put off by order of the Queen as it would be insulting to the Duke hence the statue stood proud for the entire lifetime of the Duke. For a road widening scheme in 1882-3 the statue was moved to its present location in Hyde Park. Much of the arch’s intended external ornamentation was omitted as a lot of money was pumped into refurbishment of Buckingham Palace.

Holiday Lets London recommends you to visit the Wellington Arch while visiting the Green Park or the Apsley House, as the tour would take a minimum hour and is a cheap attraction. Many who have visited the Wellington Arch have a lot to say about the views from the terraces and the friendly staff.

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County Hall

County Hall also called as London County Hall is located in Lambeth, London. The London County Hall was the headquarters of London County Council and then later the Great London Council. If you visit the London County Hall today it is a business site with a lot of attractions such as the London Sea Life Aquarium.

As the London County Hall is located to the south bank of River Thames, Holiday lets London recommend visiting the Westminster Bridge and the Palace of Westminster which are architectural works of the famous British architect John Nash. Many of the London attraction sites are located close the Flats for rent near British Museum, hence cutting down on your time and money spent on travel. The Saatchi gallery was at the County Hall and is now home to the London Film Festival.

As the London Eye is next to the County Hall and Holiday Lets London recommend that while visiting the London County Hall that the London Eye to be visited as well. The London Eye is a giant ferry wheel that has large capsules that take passengers to great heights above ground and the view at the topmost is the most spectacular kind.

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The six story main building was designed by Ralph Knott and the building was opened in 1922 by King George V. the County Hall served as the headquarters for the local government for 64 years. Since the dissolution of GLC the building’s fourth and fifth floors remain empty.

The attractions found at the London County Hall are The London Sea Life Aquarium, The London Dungeon, The London Film Museum, The London Eye and the Visitor Centre, The Namco Station amusement arcade, Azam Retrospective and London’s Death Trap. Apart from the London Dungeon that opened n 2013 the building is home to two other Merlin Entertainments.

The O2 Arena is a similar complex to that of the County Hall but instead is the entertainment prime of London. Holiday Lets London suggest that both O2 Arena and the County Hall to be visited. For a proper mix and match of attraction sites visit What’s In On London in our Holiday Lets London website or email us with your inquiries.